Our Mission

The Izdihar A. Baker Charitable Foundation was the collaborative vision and effort of five individuals. Izdiharís husband (Dr. Azzam A. Baker), Izdiharís three sons (Dr. Zeyad Baker, Dr. Iyad Baker and Dr. Omar Baker) and Mrs. Miriam Baker (wife of Dr. Zeyad Baker and daughter in law of Izdihar). Izdiharís life was in large part an exercise in charitable causes; she was a firm believer in those who were so fortunately blessed had an obligation to give back. The Mission of this organization is to allow Izdiharís Glorious legacy and mission to live on via scholarships at all levels of schooling both in the U.S.A and the Middle East; to allocate funds for medical research (especially those diseases that most affect our children) and to create better cultural and religious understanding between the U.S.A and the Middle East. We hope to achieve said goals both through generous donations and devotion to her vision.