About Izdihar

Izdihar was born on May 6, 1951. Her name literally translates into: “To Blossom” and she did; in innumerable ways. She received her B.A. from The University of Jordan in Sociology. Izdihar then proceeded to assume a critical role in the Kuwait Ministry of Education as both a teacher and pioneer. It was in 1978 that Izdihar sought a grander stage and more global forum to achieve her dream; it was then that she moved to the U.S.A and met her partner for life, her husband, Dr. Azzam A. Baker.

Izdihar broadened her mission to form countless scholarship funds for destitute children in her native New Jersey and children in the Middle East. As an Arab-American she had the fortunate luxury and intellectual capacity to appreciate a greater need for better cultural and religious understanding between the West and the Middle East. She was the President of the NAAMA Auxiliary committee, which served as her vehicle to accelerate this daunting goal.

Izdihar was a devoted sister, committed wife and an iconic mother in the eyes of her three sons: Dr. Zeyad Baker, Dr. Iyad Baker and Dr. Omar Baker. She preached excellence and held her loved ones to the highest of standards. She was the undisputed foundation of her immediate and extended family. Izdihar A. Baker was devoted to her family, God and the underserved children across the globe.

Izdihar succumbed to a rare and devastating autoimmune disease at the young age of 56 when her work on Earth was merely beginning. She exhibited a fighting spirit throughout her illness and continued to preach love as her body weakened. Her spirit was of an astonishingly admirable strength. It was apparent the God she answered to for 56 years beckoned her earlier than her family could have imagined, but this Angel lives on through her family and her work, which for those that have been touched by her here on earth know will certainly continue; she would have it no other way.

Newest Addition to the Baker Family

Omar Baker, Izdihar's youngest son, met his wife and the love of his life Behnaz Hadjiesmaeiloo in 2013. She is completing her MBA while managing strategic operations and EMR Implementation at Riverside Medical Group. Behnaz was raised in Northern VA and according to Omar, "Behnaz's only regret is not having met my late mother. I assure her that my mother is certainly smiling down saying my Omar struck Gold."